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Oklahoma Article
The Newest Massage College in Oklahoma

Integrated Massage Therapy College is changing the standards for massage schools across the nation. IMTC offers a wide range of levels to meet all requirements throughout the United States. A student can get the education and experience in a shorter amount of time and still succeed in their new career.

We want students to succeed and be the best that they can be. So many massage therapists come out of school and struggle in the first three years. This is because when they are taught about marketing they are not sent out to practice it. Here at IMTC students will learn marketing not only in the classroom but also out in the field.

Our students are going to succeed where others have not, because we are there for the student. Even when the student completes the program, we will be there for them when they have questions while starting or during their practice. We also offer Continuing Education courses for those who need or want it expand their knowledge or practice. IMTC prides itself on having small classes for that one-on-one student-instructor learning relationship.

Instructors at IMTC have been and still are practicing therapists. They want to pass on their knowledge and experience to their students so they can succeed in the field. With arming their students with this knowledge each student-therapist will one by one educate the public (their client) about the many benefits of massage.

Massage is not just a luxury but something that can be used on a regular basis to better an individual's health. Many think only the rich or people with health problems get massage, but that's not true. A wide arrange of people get therapeutic massage to deal with stress, to prevent other health issues, or just because they enjoy them. Each individual is different and massage can be tailored to fit each client. IMTC is doing that one student at a time.

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